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Progressives press NH AG to attack James O’Keefe but no one shows up at their party- source-

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Commentary- Paul Collier: has an interesting story about an attempt by progressive fascists to bring criminal charges against one of my personal heroes, James O’Keefe, for the work he did in New Hampshire exposing the ease with which New Hampshire voters, legal, dead or otherwise, can vote. The progressive cabal attempted to nudge the New Hampsihre AG to bress charges against O’Keefe for voter fraud (apparently they have never heard of investigative reporting) for filiming his successful voting under the name of dead people-

This is what the progressives are claiming should be prosecuted: On New Hampshire’s Primary Day, O’Keefe and crew committed voter fraud at polling locations in Manchester and Nashua by impersonating recently deceased New Hampshire voters – some of whom had only passed away days ago – and then illegally filming their interactions with New Hampshire poll workers without knowledge or consent.

Those interactions can be seen on a video sent around by O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, in an effort to bolster support for a photo identification bill that would require a limited number of ways to prove your identity at the polls. A bill proposed at the State House last year failed after a bipartisan effort called House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s favored version “unworkable” and “flawed” for its excessive reliance on a driver’s license or national identification, something seniors, low-income voters and the disabled would have a hard time producing. (from progressive blog- Progressives collected 109,000 signatures to get the AG of New Hampshire to do their dirty work in an attempt to stop one of their greatest enemies, and, once again I remind our readers, one of my personal heroes, James O’Keefe- Be sure you go to Granite Grok to read the results of that press conference that was set to highlight the 109,000 signatures they gathered (most likely from out-of-state progressive storm troopers)- – excerpt below


…. – That 9:30 press conference , the one at which Zandra Rice Crispy Treats Hawkins (ZRCTH) was supposed to unleash the fury of over 100,000 signed petitions, started a little late.  Something to…- ….

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