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Sarah Halll Ingram- IRScare Czar

Sarah Hall Ingram

Sarah Hall Ingram   IRScare czar   IRScare  IRS Care IRS Scandal Obamacare Tea Party

From Persecuting Tea Party, to IRSCare Czar, the Sarah Hall Ingram Experience

Sarah Hall Ingram did such a fine job persecuting President Obama’s mortal enemies, the Tea Party, during her unholy stint at the IRS as the non-profit Queen, she got promoted to oversee IRScare, coming to a tax audit near you this October! Continue reading →


I come to you today to repent for my sins, to ask you, my audience, to forgive me for cutting holes in walls.  I know, already, the Lord has forgiven me and my sin is already forgotten by Him, but I seek your forgiveness, as my audience, whether you have been with me or against me.  I seek to be a man who no longer cuts through walls, not even here, in my special ministry call, to witness the truth of the Lord through the news.  I seek to be like Joshua, and trust in God when he calls me to walk around the walls, to let God break down the walls in His time and His way.

I have been writing for years on the daily events of the world, from the persecution of Christians to the attack on Christ and his Way by the godless ideals of progressivism.  In these writings, I have been swept up at various times in anger.  I have relied on human tactics to help spread a narrative or invalidate one.  These writings are available to all to see, and I will keep them posted so all can see the journey I have taken in my pursuit of being less Paul and more Christ.

I have sought, be it ever so imperfectly, to witness the Truth of Christ and, in my human understanding, to be a good, responsible citizen fighting to have my governments (local, state, federal, etc) reflect the Godly values of Christ’s Freedom.  I sought to validate my beliefs, at times, on the Constitution and the founding principles of this nation, but now I seek to validate my beliefs in God’s Word alone, realizing that God is bigger than Constitutions, whether they intended to reflect his Godly truths of Freedom or not.

In this fight, I have sometimes taken, unwittingly, a ‘by any means necessary’ approach to fighting for what I perceived to be truth and the Freedom this nation was founded upon.

I have many ministerial calls on my life, of which one continues to be to witness Christ’s Freedom and Truth through the daily events of this world.  I still seek to do the work I know God has called me to do, to witness His truth, to reflect His life in my own life, through how I deliver the news, in this case.

I have taken a step back for a couple of weeks now, and am continuing for an undetermined time, to take a step back from my ministerial call, to witness his truth and freedom through the news, praying and meditating in His Word, seeking His love and guidance to be a better servant for Him, to turn away from the path of the flesh, the path that leads to hate, to anger, to wielding the weapons of this world, to cutting holes through walls instead of following His path, even if it means going around a much longer way to get to the place where I know He is calling me to go.

I have called myself a ‘Conservative’ at various times, finding myself championing the GOP, but I now question if this is what God calls me to do, to be a GOP operative, in essence (though an unpaid one).  I can certainly not align myself with progressivism, as it is clearly aligned with humanistic principles that do create a new god to usurp the True God, the god of the collectivist man.

But I am no conservative.  I do not believe ‘it’s the economy, stupid’.  I do not believe in the pure Capitalist model where everything is governed by the profit and loss of the market economy, unfettered by morality, unfettered, in short, by God’s will and Way.  Conservativism has become a fight for less taxes, less regulation, less government, not, in any way, shape, or form, a fight for our governments to reflect Freedom as defined by the only truth, the truth of Christ.

The religious right itself has become completely focused on abortion and gay rights.  While I recognize the significance of a land that endorses homosexual marriage and a land that legalizes the murder of the unborn, I wonder why the religious right is not as zealous about corporations that exploit people, that horde resources, that are beholden only to the profit-loss margins for their moral compass.  I wonder why the religious right is not just as zealous challenging corporate murder and exploitation of peoples and lands in the name of profit as they are against the murderers of the unborn.

To be sure, I am passionate in the fight to stop the murder of the unborn.  I am passionate in the fight to stop my governments from honoring ungodly models of marriage and family.  But why should I not be just as passionate to shed a light on the sins of capital that convert even Christ followers to consumer-centered worshippers of stuff, that convert even Christ followers to worshippers of profit over Godly truth?

Progressives will join me in the fight to stop the corporate exploitation of peoples and lands, but they will do so with the heavy hand of government, trading in one master, the faceless, powerful corporate oligarchy and its royal corporate families, for another master, the faceless, powerful government oligarchy and its royal political families.  In reality, America now has both such oligarchies, with many of these de facto royal families with their hands on the levers of the political, the corporate, and even the cultural institutions that define and mould our American reality.

I am called by God, I believe, to show the truth of the ungodly ways of those who worship the cult of the collectivist man-god as well as those who worship the cult of gold, where money defines truth.  I am called to exhort Christ followers, especially those who have businesses, who run governments, who make decisions in our cultural institutions, to consider God and His truth above all other truths, to reject profit where it defies God’s ways, to reject power where it denies God’s will, to reject glitter where it assault’s God’s truths.

It is easy for Christ followers, for Christians, to live as a corporate raider while going to church on Sunday.  It is no effort whatsoever for a Christian politician to perpetuate political hypocrisy while piously calling on this nation to turn back to God.  It is easy for a Christian TV Executive to work on a Christmas special that deletes Christ from his own birthday while going to mass on Christmas eve.


It is the de-segmented nature of our lives, so perfectly reflected in the notion that somehow we, as Christ followers, must, by force of law, separate our State from Christ, that we must consign Christ to the privacy of our homes, to the personal choice of the church we attend on Sunday morning.  So the corporate raider goes to work and is not challenged by Christ, so he thinks, to reflect his way in the way this person does business.

Would a man, living and reflecting Christ’s love, make decisions which needlessly destroy the lives of others for the sake of profit or offer unjust compensation for work merely because the market allows it?  Would a state law stopping this man from paying unjust wages change this man’s heart or the heart of a nation that would require a state law to have men treat one another in love?

If that man, or woman, let’s be an equal opportunity truth seeker here, lived the total life in Christ that we as Christians are called to live, they could not.  The overpowering love of Christ that would be with them daily, hourly, minute by minute, would make such decisions too painful to make.

Would a woman, living and reflecting Christ’s love, be able to allow commercials to be run about their political opponent that use half truths and even lies to bury their opponent, even if the woman was a good conservative and the opponent was a godless progressive?   If she had the total life in Christ that we as Christians are called to live, she would not.  She would seek truth.  She would seek to love, even her opponent, and show truth, but only truth, trusting in God, not living in fear (which leads to the ‘by any means necessary’ path so often followed and championed by the godless).

Would someone who worked in the news department of Fox produce a story that distorted truth to champion a conservative point of view if they lived the total life in Christ we are called to live?  Or would they seek truth and redemption, not cut a hole in the wall for the sake of the ‘right’ cause?

Living our segmented lives, it allows Christians to stop being the salt and light of the earth, to trade in the Way of Christ for the way of the world.  After all, they often say, ‘we have to be realistic’.  When Joshua came to the Israelites as they stood outside the walls of Jericho and told them they were going to march around the walls seven times and blow horns and sing songs, what would the Christian politicians of today, the Christian business leaders of today, the Christian news producers, the Christian tv producers of today say to Joshua?

You can’t ask us to do something so silly as that, look, we can just bash these walls down way faster than it would take you to do this silly thing you command.  We have the power, we can destroy this enemy.  Besides, it will be good PR to show the people how powerful we are when we destroy these walls ourselves!

It’s just not good business.  Do you know how much money you will have to spend on singers?  Not to mention the money you will spend feeding these people while they do this march.  You’ve got to cut through the wall and end it now, to save money, else this Jericho venture will be a loss.

Listen, you are going to lose your audience.  They don’t want to be told to march around singing stupid songs and blowing horns.  These men in this audience want blood.  They are strong and ready to knock down walls.  Give them blood, give them sport.

Joshua would be compeled, if he lived a segmented life, to be realistic, and they would have broken down those walls.  The minute they made that choice, they would no longer be building God’s kingdom, they would be building their own.

I have been that segmented person.  Even as I have strived in my personal life and even my business life, to live the whole life of Christ, I have put Christ on the shelf in my news reporting world.  I seek to be patient where God calls me to be patient, decisive where He calls me to be decisive, to stop cutting holes in walls, to following Joshua’s path, to walk around the walls and blow the horns as God has called me to do, to live a total life of Christ, to be a witness to the total Christ life we are called, who profess to believe in His truth, His salvation, His grace, to live.

If you are a business person reading this, ask yourself if Christ is your master or your CPA is.  If you are a politician reading this, ask yourself if Christ is your master or the polls are.  If you are an Editor, a blogger, reading this, ask yourself if Christ is your master or your political ’cause’ is.  If Christ is not in the center of everything you do and say then I ask you to join with me in repenting your sins, of making masters of men and flesh over God, and turning back to His way, no matter how unworldly how impractical it may sometimes seem, to live Christ fully, to be a witness to His way, His truth, to build his kingdom, not yours.  In Jesus’ name I pray.

Paul Colllier


Progressives Laud Advertiser Ban on Conservative voice- watching-

Media Matters and their progressive operatives are joyfully celebrating the advertiser exodus from conservative talk radio, but fail to see the danger of their actions and the actions of these now out-in-the-open progressively managed companies. Now that progressives have established, through the manipulation of the corporate entities that are part of the progressive alliance, that the totality of our lives are now colored in politics, Americans can begin to count the progressive companies and the conservative companies and take their dollars only to the companies that refuse to represent the tyranny and fascism of progressivism, that seeks to silence the opposition ‘by any means necessary’ Continue reading

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Mediator breaks talks with Hamas and Israel over demands for Sinai- source-

When going into negotiations with another party, be reminded by the example unfolding in the Israel-Hamas negotiations, make sure the mediator doesn’t have demands it wants to make on you- in this case, Egypt, the so-called mediator of these talks between Israel and Hamas, has stopped the negotiating process not because of an objection by either Israel or Hamas, but because it wants the Sinai Penninsula returned to it Continue reading
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National Elections not solutions- local Constitutional accountability is- source-

Skip Murphy of Granite Grok, one of our favorite locally-focused conservative news blogs in America, wrote an article near and dear to our hearts here at Newstweeters- In it, he quoted from our Editor in Chief, William Collier, who has been making a call to challenge what he callls the Politicocracy. That challenge is this- Damn the National elections- win or lose, nothing willl significantly change in America until we raise up our local governments to do the work they once did, to pledge their allegiance first and foremost to the Constitution itself, to ween itself off of the unholy mother’s milk of state and federal funds, to, in short, be the model of individual freedom, liberty, self-empowerment, personal responsibility and reiliablity that define the values of our Constitutional Rule of Law. Continue reading
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Obama’s New Jeremiah Wright- Derrick Bell- commentary and videos

Obama sat through Jeremiah Bell sermons unaware of the hate this racist man spewed from the pulpit, a devout socialist who sought to infiltrate the ranks of the godly and lead them away from truth and towards the idolartry of the progressive collectivist man-god. Now, as Reagan might say…there you go again… Continue reading

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NPR highlights tens of Rubio protesters, ignores thousands of Pro-Life ralliers- tweet- @Mr_Lexington

NPR (National Progressive Radio), that bastion of progressive hate and propaganda, is at it again, this time, highlighting a handful of progressive trolls protesting Marco Rubio on the grounds he is not Latin enough (he has to choose between the tea party and his latin heritigage). Continue reading
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Fluke- Victim or Progressive Plant?- source-

Here is an excellent article about the truth of the poor victim the progressive left is now rallying around, the victim of Rush Limbaugh’s ‘unfair’ assaults- the article is from our friend and fellow freedom fighter, Warner Todd Huston, and it reveals clearly who Sandra Fluke really is, a hard-core progressive, middle-aged ideologically driven activist who has been aggressively running a camaign against Godly values and championing the godless values of the progressive statists she so zealously supports. Continue reading
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The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier- response to- @ProgressiveTT

The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier- Progressives are inviting one another to debate the progressive economic model and justify it in terms of freedom, to take back the language of freedom from those hard conservatives who seek to empower corporations and limit government (their language)- A key phrase in the article that @ProgressiveTT tweets is this- “We are free when we can act as politically empowered citizens, holding government accountable, and pushing the state to create a more just economy.” I believe the key phrase here is “create a more just economy”- Continue reading

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SEUI Leader and Public Servant using tax dollars to fund progressive campaigns- source-

A New Hampshire Law Professor is getting paid to be one one of the progressive trolls online now embarking to proliferate their statist, godless propaganda to the web near and far. While on the clock, Richard de Seve, a New Hampshire Law professor, is busy online for hours a day aggressively posting near and far progressive activist talking points. Continue reading
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FREE PAUL COLLIER Report- 2-20-12- Schools attack Faith- more- @freepaulcollier

The Mandatory Contraceptive move by Barack Obama continues to dominate and highlight the war against Religious Freedom, the war against the Constitution and the rule of law.  Public Schools appear emboldened by the Obama move, making stronger stands against faith and even stronger stands FOR the godless progressive agenda- Today’s headlines

Gay Agenda trumps pro life in school- Obama wants state-approved worker-producing colleges- Gov dependence= death of Faith- more

Free Paul Collier!  2-20-12

Paul Collier wants to be Free

Paul Collier wants to be Free

Free to practice the fullness of my faith, Free to succeed or fail on my own merits, Free to raise my children as I see fit, Free to get the facts, the truth of the world’s every day happenings, Free to send my children to schools and not indoctrination centers. In today’s America, we are not Free to do any of these things, and efforts are being made to intrude on these rights every day by our own government, from both the GOP and the Progressives. This blog is about how I, Paul Collier, am not free, and how you can help me, and thus yourselves, be FREE once again.

Tweet me @FreePaulCollier


Free Paul Collier- 2-16-12- @paulcollier – Ohio v Obamacare- Birth control babies- more

Resistance Grows Against Obamacare- Britain portends the continuation of the Obamacare contraceptive Mandate- Progs desperate to deflect Obama’s assault on Religious Freedom- Govmotors’ #epicfail in Europe undermines Obamanomic

Publisher- Paul Collier

Ohio Freedom Resistance in Healthcare Freedom Act- School gives 13-yr old girls birth control pills- Progs bury Obama’s Christian asssault under ‘cost’ and ‘hate of women’ narrative- Govmotors loses big- job cuts looming?

Paul Collier wants to be Free Free to practice the fullness of my faith, Free to succeed or fail on my own merits, Free to raise my children as I see fit, Free to get the facts, the truth of the world’s every day happenings, Free to send my children to schools and not indoctrination centers.  In today’s America, we are not Free to do any of these things, and efforts are being made to intrude on these rights every day by our own government, from both the GOP and the Progressives.  This blog is about how I, Paul Collier, am not free, and how you can help me, and thus yourselves, be FREE once again. Tweet me @FreePaulCollier Facebook me Learn more about me email me: Youtube me


Free Paul Collier- 2-16-12- @paulcollier – Ohio v Obamacare- Birth control babies- more



Free Paul Collier- 2-14-12

Free Paul Collier!

Paul Collier wants to be Free 2-14-12

Freedom equals misogyny- Obama watches- Pro Life Defense- more

Religious Freedom equals misogyny says progs- source-

Obama’s Attack Citizens- source-

God Watch- Paul Collier- 2-14-12- Hamas Hate- Personhood- Values via Courts- Obama’s Kids

Hamas shows its anti-semitic murderous soul- source-

Personhood is new line of defense against murder of the unborn- source-


Progressives press NH AG to attack James O’Keefe but no one shows up at their party- source-

From Top Conservative Blogs Source :

Top Conservative Blog Excerpts from

Commentary- Paul Collier: has an interesting story about an attempt by progressive fascists to bring criminal charges against one of my personal heroes, James O’Keefe, for the work he did in New Hampshire exposing the ease with which New Hampshire voters, legal, dead or otherwise, can vote. The progressive cabal attempted to nudge the New Hampsihre AG to bress charges against O’Keefe for voter fraud (apparently they have never heard of investigative reporting) for filiming his successful voting under the name of dead people-

This is what the progressives are claiming should be prosecuted: On New Hampshire’s Primary Day, O’Keefe and crew committed voter fraud at polling locations in Manchester and Nashua by impersonating recently deceased New Hampshire voters – some of whom had only passed away days ago – and then illegally filming their interactions with New Hampshire poll workers without knowledge or consent.

Those interactions can be seen on a video sent around by O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, in an effort to bolster support for a photo identification bill that would require a limited number of ways to prove your identity at the polls. A bill proposed at the State House last year failed after a bipartisan effort called House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s favored version “unworkable” and “flawed” for its excessive reliance on a driver’s license or national identification, something seniors, low-income voters and the disabled would have a hard time producing. (from progressive blog- Progressives collected 109,000 signatures to get the AG of New Hampshire to do their dirty work in an attempt to stop one of their greatest enemies, and, once again I remind our readers, one of my personal heroes, James O’Keefe- Be sure you go to Granite Grok to read the results of that press conference that was set to highlight the 109,000 signatures they gathered (most likely from out-of-state progressive storm troopers)- – excerpt below


…. - That 9:30 press conference , the one at which Zandra Rice Crispy Treats Hawkins (ZRCTH) was supposed to unleash the fury of over 100,000 signed petitions, started a little late.  Something to…- ….

Read Full Breaking News Article- Click Here

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